Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's keep it rocking....

DJ Dummy is traveling for a few days but do you think we let that stop the words of the great Whitney Houston.. Hell to the naw!  We have been listening to podcasts of the 70's mix....We forgot all the jams that were on that one......Afro anyone?

Today we started the morning off with a rebroadcast of the J Cole concert from London. Do y'all remember that Sunday morning when we sent out the call that Dummy was going to stream the concert..LIVE! We had been rocking with The Breakfast Club for 7 days straight.  The night before we had the One Night only Dummy/SistaStroke concert.. complete with the special Sangria...mmm

We would like to send out Happy Birthday Shouts out to our own Chocolate Cooking Man.. Chef Mark Wright!  I hope you enjoy your day and get someone else to do the cooking today! Thank you for being a part of the Breakfast Club Family! Much Love to ya~

Today also marks the passing of a great legend in the rap game.  Notorius B.I.G. had his life ended this day 14 years ago but his music still lives on.  We featured some of his hits today and I am sure you will be able to find many tributes to him throughout the day.  
Rest In Peace.

Thank you to all who have purchased your Breakfast Club T-Shirts!  The pics that are coming in look we knew they would! Keep sending them in to so we can get them posted in the....

Thanx again for making us Great.. we couldn't do it without you all!

And Just in case you missed it.. I present to you...
              As The Breakfast Burns

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And On and On



So here we are once again.  I hope you have been keeping up with the show because we have been keeping it on rolling.  On and On the music does NOT stop! We are still on Monday Thru Friday and if something special comes up.. even on the weekend.
If you find yourself itching for some scratching on Saturday and Sunday you can always go to. for all things Dummy.  You can download podcasts and now you can even get.....


That's right!  Breakfast Club T-Shirts are now available for purchase.  A BIG thank you to Misty Bear and Skwerl Sr for getting this project off the ground.  You can find the info under the merchandise tab on DJ Dummy's website.  When you get your shirt don't forget to snap a pic and send it in so we can feature it in the show.

We would like to take a moment to wish our Breakfast Club Producer and happy, happy birthday.  She is a leap year baby so we reallly don't know how old she is.. but happy birthday!! We appreciate all that you do for the show.. Hope you enjoyed your day!

Please be sure to check DJ Dummy's site to see where he is going to be next.  Remember, when Dummy comes to your town.. you can always come out and hang and enjoy the show when you are a Breakfast club Family member. Membership DOES have its privileges!


  check out the website:
It will keep you up to day on where to find DJ Dummy Live and also where you can get our Merchandise and just everything Dummy! 

Please support the musical releases of our own MuMuFresh and Marsha Ambroshius... both works are fiyah!!

Maimouna Youssef

As always We thank you for being a part of the Breakfast Club Morning Show.. without you it just would not be the same... Love the music as we love you....

We out...


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dummy's Home!

We have been waiting for this for a long time.. WELCOME HOME DJ DUMMY!!  Dummy has gotten back on US soil and we are glad for the safe travels of the whole JCole crew.  The tour is not over and you can always check on for information regarding tour dates.  Remember if you are family.. and Dummy comes to your town... or you go to where he is.. He's gonna make sure you have a Good time!

We are please to have been a part of the birthday celebrations of two of our own.  Finstabundy and SistaStroke both had birthday's recently.  Just like family does... we were all invited!  Finsta partied like it was 1977 and we all attended (via UStream) his party.  SistaStroke was lit up starting at FreakFreely and beyond!  It was great to be a part of the celebration. Thanx Guys!

We kept the music going while Dummy was away so of course we had to really get it in when he came back.  We had lots of great choices on You Choose Tuesday and Dummy did his thing with blending the requests as if he had created the playlist on his own!  Our BClub family has GREAT taste in music~

It was whatever Wednesday and we chose to have music that you would hear at the Cookout.  BBQ was afire with D2thaC on the Grill.. Browne had the potato salad and of course we had to have the 'Special' brownies from Thesselonius.. don't let the kids get into those.  Drinks were flowing from the bar and of course.. Uncle Mike... got drunk and got the mic... again......
here he is in the good days...

I hope everyone enjoyed the backyard BBQ.  The clean up crew was few but we all had a ball..
Don't forget coming up this monday we will have the cupcaking edition of the Breakfast Club

mmmmmm.....oh okay fine.. I was having fun with the BBQ theme.

how bout this one:

Please remember to send in your family pic to so you can be included in the!  

That's it for now... WE OUT!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And On and On

DJ Dummy surprised us all on Sunday by giving us a concert from his point of view!  We were all treated to a JCole concert when Dummy broadcasted directly from his DJ table on the stage.  The crowd was hype during all of the songs JCole did such as Welcome, Last Call, Dead Presidents, Dolla and a Dream, which Cole slowed down and even did parts of acapella.  We got a chance to see how he flowed.  He continued with It Won't Be Long, Higher, Lights Please, Relaxation.  JCole paused to pay respect to those that came first, by doing a quick dedication set to Tupac by covering some of his hits.. So Run Quick See, you can't forget those that paved the way.

He finished up his set with Bliss, In Da Morning, Who Dat , A Star is Born, I Get Up, Villematic. Of course he had to have a moment for his DJ to shine and Dummy tore it up! JCole was a great performer and even went down to the crowd to shake some hands and get groped on... of course he had Suh-Curity right there with him. 

Thank you all for coming out the entire weekend to enjoy the music!  It means a lot that you took time out of your schedules for 7 days straight! 

Another big THANK YOU goes out to DJ Harry Love.  Harry opened his home to DJ Dummy and let him do the broadcast from there.  Harry even took his turn and got on the turntables, and he did all of this while being sick!   To Top it off he even came in the breakfast club the next morning and saw we were listening to a podcast because Dummy was traveling and he OFFERED to get on and rock for us!  That's love y'all and we appreciate Harry from the bottom of our breakfast plate. We hope he is feeling better!  Please follow DJ Harry Love on twitter @djharrylove

Today was Whatever Wednesday's and we went with Dummy's Favs.  It was a learning experience and the music was great. There were old and new jams that of course had the stamp of approval from Dummy.  The background stories give us a lot and to quote Detroit1979 "Everything I'm supposed to be doing has been delayed due to the club that is breakfast."  We all feel the same way.

Please join us Everyday and for our special events to keep the music going and don't forget just like Laverne and Shirley - We never heard the word 'Impossible' We doing it our way!

If you need anything from us, please email us

Until next time.... We OUT!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clubbing Friday + Freak Freely = FreakFest!!

London Town, Dummy, Dummy London Town... now Let's Gooooo!  DJ Dummy Did the show from London in SistaStrokes Freak Freely Studio.  Dear Sista, Dummy is so sorry for abusing your turntables a few hours earlier than you usually do.  It was good to see him back dancing to the music and one of the best parts was when SistaStroke herself popped into view, and the two talented people that have brought so much rhythm to SO many people met for the first time.....(cue the Awwww's)
We would like to thank SistaStroke for the love she and Mr. Hun showed by letting DJ Dummy into their home to continue the show that won't be stopped, The Breakfast Club!  Speaking of no stopping.. we will be CONTINUING Friday by having, for the first time EVER, ONE NIGHT ONLY, DJ Dummy and SistaStroke TOGETHER!!

Join us 6pm EST and 5pm CST for the party live from London.  It's gonna be good, you don't wanna miss it!

We want to wish DJ Dezandres and his twin sister, Jessica a very happy birthday on today.  If any Breakfast clubbers are in the Detroit area you should go and celebrate with them TONITE for their Sexy Soiree in Corktown at 2661 Michigan Ave.  You know its gonna be live!!

Speaking of Detroit, our own Miss Mumu Fresh will be performing at the University of Michigan with Breakfast club Favorite Monica Blaire on January 28, 2011.  These ladies are both so talented so we know the show is going to be one NOT to miss.

Don't forget to send in your picture so that we can add it to The Breakfast Club Family Album.  We want everyone to be included in the daily roll call during the show.  Remember we are what YOU make us!

The Breakfast Club Team would like to thank you again for starting your mornings off with us.  You could be anywhere getting your cup o' bacon on but you choose to be with us.  We do appreciate it and if there is anything we can do, please don't hesitate to write....

until next time......We Out!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Cupcaking Monday

Today was our first cupcaking session of 2011 and man we got it in!!  We opened up the show with our new banner by Mr. Hun's Brother Mikeyyyyy. Good look on the banner, it's hawt! We had Aries serving us the drinks to get the ladies loosened up.  Some of us didn't really need the drinks we came in ready.  All the tweets and facebook posts leading up today had some of us already worked up by the time we stepped in the room! 

By the time the morning was half over it was all covered in glaze, courtesy of MamiwitdaslantedII.
Thanx Mami, we can never have too much glaze... or cowbell.
Jaws dropped at the level some clubbers went to to get their cupcaking on (Virgoooooo) but it's all good in the club.  Kurtis Nicson was charming as usual (wyfs). You know the ladies love a charming man to get it moisty.

Our news team set it off not just with our usual staff but we had special correspondents drop in and leave us with something to cake on.  Sista Stroke ran down the list of our fellas on the roll call, all sexy chicagolondonlike. Get it Gurl!

Misty Bear shared some poetry that fit in just perfect with our loving on you cupcaking Monday. Browne counted down the Top Ten Men of 2010 and we have two winners..........
Things that make you say hmmm..

Shooka hooked us up with some things to do if you ever find yourself stuck in the snow.  I want to say for our friends in the south, it works in a rainstorm too! 

 Our chocolate cooking Chef, Chef Mark Wright, whose voice is just like smoove chocolate left us with a recipe for Chocolate Crepes with dark chocolate sauce, you can find it here: Try it...

We debuted our new roll call by showing a slide show of all our fellow breakfast club family members.  If you haven't gotten a chance to send in your pic, email it to  Don't miss out on being in the family album.  You can also send in your video clips of "Why I love the Breakfast Club.." to the same address.  We showed off our first three today! Great work Virgo, Wildflowers and Hartless, we love you all too!
We would like to welcome all the new people that stopped by today and everyday.  We hope you come back and become a part of the family that loves music!

Today DJ Dummy left to go overseas to continue his tour with Artist J Cole. We wish him safe travel.  Don't think the music is going to stop just because he is across the pond.. OH NO BREAKFAST CLUB WON'T BE STOPPED!! We will have a special Guest DJ Clear Rocking with us tomorrow but as soon as he gets settled, DJ Dummy will be back with us.  

We have lots of good stuff coming down the road so stay tuned for updates and information on 
The Breakfast Club!

Cupcake at your own risk. We are not responsible if in nine months you look like this:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year!

2011 Has arrived and it's time to make moves.  We always have new year's resolutions but here at The Breakfast Club we resolve to continue to make your mornings GREAT! We still want to have NO ANGRY MORNINGS!  This is done by having the music you want to hear, no matter the type.  We have the Livest Chat room with people from all over the world!  Meet some new music loving friends and become a part of our family!

DJ Dummy rang the new year in by rocking it out in Charlotte, North Carolina.  A few of our breakfast clubbers were there and they can tell you how Dummy took the town and rocked it!  We will keep you updated on where DJ Dummy will be playing so you can have the Genius Experience! 

Join us Monday for our Monthly Cupcaking Edition of The Breakfast Club.  It's gonna get hot and sweet and oh yeah.. there will be music!! 
Keep checking back for news and upcoming info on The Breakfast Club!